• Ultra-fast delivery for business

    Aggregated, on-demand, last mile delivery

  • Future proof your delivery

    Be sure you always have sufficient delivery coverage for your business

  • Aggregated Delivery System

    Access to over 160,000 vehicles, real-time, across the UK

  • Next Generation logistics technology

    In-house design and management of services and providers

NOQU Delivery System (NDS) is designed to enable retailers and businesses to access ultra-fast home or office delivery through the aggregation of multiple delivery fleets

The service

Why contract with a single delivery provider? NDS gives you aggregated access to the largest delivery fleets in the UK


Rules engine tailors NDS to your business to give you optimum performance


Access via ecommerce or NDS web based application to real-time quoting tool


Elegant, user friendly Dashboards, reports and GPS tracking tools keep you updated


Review engine ensures quality is maintained at the highest level

The Process

When a request for delivery is received, NDS automatically calculates when the delivery driver needs to arrive at the source destination to collect the goods for onward transit. At this stage NDS also predicts the type of vehicle required and makes the appropriate request to the delivery provider. Customer orders are received instore via either tablet, PC, printer or can be fully integrated into the retailers’ ePOS environment. The co-ordination of collection and delivery is critical so NDS has been designed around the delivery of hot food, the demands of which are the most critical with regard to appearance and quality of goods on arrival at destination.

The Future

Our experts have over 60 man years in retail technology and logistics. In order to future-proof delivery services for the retailer, Lineten is able to on-board new providers in a very short timescale so there is always continuity of service unless a particular area is starved of coverage. Lineten constantly monitors the delivery landscape and consults on options as they arise. Suppliers are selected based on quality of training, rider/driver presentation, delivery costs, scale and coverage.

Key Benefits

  • Ultra-fast, white labelled delivery service for business
  • Future proofed delivery for all business sectors
  • Fully integrated and automated service
  • Access to over 160,000 driver/riders
  • High quality and fully accredited delivery providers
  • Optimised for hot food delivery
  • Comprehensive dashboards and reporting tools
  • Order and customer data available to retailer at any time, via online portal
  • Built on Enterprise grade architecture
  • Full ratings engine
  • GPS Tracking (optional)
  • Provides operational flexibility
One fleet, thousands of vehicles

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